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What is Translation Village Project

  /  What is Translation Village Project

We are a few dreamy people who’ve been engaged with various activities on translation since our colleague years. We love life, nature, animals, people and the universe.

We also love translation, but we get a little bit nervous once money is being involved.

We were born right inside this industry. Into technology, we were born. And we’re pretty good at it.

In the countryside, we’ve gained a new perspective on nature and life.

It is “knowledge” that we are seeking for.

We’ve set out our journey to share our knowledge, experience, skills, fun and practices with among ourselves and with others in a more organized and efficient manner, anywhere we wish, while learning from others.

  • To bring together freelance translators and other language professionals from all over the world.
  • To critically think about production locations, production-consumption forms and working conditions in general.
  • To create new forms of education-production-consumption-working and living at a much more humanitarian perfective.
  • To bring people together in an environment away from big cities, in tune with the nature.
  • To create “a place on earth” for translation professionals to breathe and be in harmony with the nature.

Translation industry is one of the fields greatly influenced by technological developments.

Full-time, in-house translator positions are decreasing in translation companies, and most offices now have project managers and other administrative staff in-house only.

You can now live in Phuket Island with stable Internet connection and work with clients in California or Osaka. If we were to imagine this scenario in Turkey (we can, really), you can live in Imvros or Seferihisar, while doing business for a client in any part of the world (we know people who do).

There are many making use of these opportunities individually: people traveling around the world as a translation professional, always mobile, maintaining a life in a small village in a more controlled and natural manner (some dying of loneliness, too, we know)…

Those are just some of the people and places of the 1st Translation Village Gathering. Those are the people and places that “life” has introduced us.

So, we need a “place on earth” to breath and get back to our roots.

A place in the nature, so that we can #translateinnature.

This is a need not only for the people of the translation field, but also for the all living creatures.

Translation Village Project still stands as a project to be discussed and testedIt exists in the minds of the people who believe in the values it upholds, dream its realization and work towards it and had the opportunity to express itself through the first Imvros event.

For now it will hold “events” for a while, so that we reach people willing to support the project in various locations.

In this initial phase, we wish to increase the number of people who can focus on the issues the project deals with. The easiest way to achieve this is to discuss subjects in line with the spirit of the project in locations in tune with that spirit.


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