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“Slow down! You are in Gökçeada!”

Gökçeada is the first Cittaslow island of the world.

Lexical meaning of Cittaslow, which is derived by combining the Italian word of “city” (Citta) with the English word of “slow”, is “slow city”. Cittaslow is an international association to which towns and cities that aim to preserve their economic local identity, characteristics and diversity participate.

According to the philosophy of Cittaslow, contrary to the complexity of modern life, being slow is a conscious preference that provides permanent economic benefits. Main objective of this movement is to make life fair and easy, to establish a social life that embraces the value of customs and to be open to cultural diversity.

Gökçeada joined the international Cittaslow network in the General Meeting of Slow Cities for 2011 which was held in Poland in June, 2011.

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Preservation of natural beauties and rational usage of obtained resources for many years ensured that Gökçeada remains in the list of “natural resources”. Emphasis is placed on preservation of nature and sustainable usage of resources while developing policies on housing, transportation, agriculture and dams.


Gökçeada is a rich habitat where various cultures with different ethnic roots live together. Greek villages have a special status in the unique texture of Gökçeada. It is known that the Greek used to live mainly in the villages and that the Turkish used to live mainly in the centre until 1975.

It was a significant factor in the increase of the importance attached to religious ceremonies, that the initial habitants were of Greek origin and believers of Christian-Orthodox sect were represented in the island at metropolitan level. Fairs that were held after religious ceremonies used to continue for several days, and used to cause the habitants of the island to socialize and for the relations between same to get more intense. “Panaiya”, Virgin Marry Festival, which begins on August15 in Tepeköy, shows the cultural diversity of Gökçeada.

Gökçeada Municipality has been holding Gökçeada Film Festival annually since 1998. Also, various activities are being held throughout the year. Cittaslow Gökçeada Eco-Gastronomy Congress, Slow Food festival and Cittaslow Gökçeada Slow Sunday may be listed at the top of this list.

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İmroz, antique name of Gökçeada, comes from Imbrasos, pre-Hellenic agriculture god. The island is known as the abundance land of Imbrasos. The name of İmroz is mentioned in Iliad several times.
According to Greek Mythology, barns of winged horses of Poseidon were in the depths located between İmroz and Tenedos (Bozcaada).


Gökçeada has some unique conditions for some kind of sports: Hiking, kitesurf, windsurf, cycling, camping, scuba diving, swimming and cross are the some of these sports.


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