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Distance from Neighboring Provinces


350 km


270 km


320 km

There are different summer/winter schedules for the ferry. The ferry service runs less frequently in the winter compared to the summer. The ferry departure times may vary according passenger/car traffic or unfavorable weather conditions. Before setting out for Gökçeada, be sure to check the ferry schedule.

Gökçeada-Kabatepe Line GESTAŞ Marine Transport: 444 0 752

If you plan on coming with a vehicle, you may make an online reservation for the ferry. Click here for the ferry schedule.

For those who plan on driving from Istanbul

After passing Tekirdağ, Malkara, Keşan and Gelibolu via TEM or E5, turn right when you see the Kabatepe road sign with a ferryboat symbol 5 km from Eceabat to get to Kabatepe harbor. From there, you may get on a ferry to Gökçeada. The ferry trip from Kabatepe to Gökçeada takes roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes. The vehicle fare is 40 TRY; no extra fee is charged for passengers in the vehicle.

If you are coming with your personal vehicle from Bursa, Izmir, Mugla, Bandırma direction;

Take the ferry boats from Canakkale to Eceabat available every 30 minutes, then travel for another 10 minutes, follow the Kabatepe sign with ferry symbol in the National Park junction, then take a right to reach the Kabapete harbor. There, you can take the ferry to Gokceada. It takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Kabatepe to Gokceada. The cost of ferry from Çanakkale to Eceabat is 40 TRY for the vehicle, plus additional payment for each individuals in the vehicle. Be sure to indicate that you’ll transfer to Gokceada when purchasing the ferry ticket, as this will allow you to transfer to Gokceada free of charge!

For those who plan to take an intercity bus

TruvaTurizm runs two services (one in the morning and one at night) from Istanbul to Gökçeada every day. The morning service departs from Esenler at 11:00 a.m. while the night service departs from Esenler at 01:30 a.m. Truva has an extensive shuttle network in Istanbul that you may make use of. If you get on the 01:30 bus, you will reach Gökçeada at 08.30 a.m.

Alternatively, several ferry services run from Istanbul to Eceabat throughout the day. After reaching Eceabat, you may take a dolmush that goes to Kabatepe directly from Eceabat Harbor and arrive at the place the Gökçeada ferries are located within 15 minutes. Going from Istanbul to Eceabat takes roughly 4-5 hours. The fare for the Gökçeada ferry is 2 TRY per person.

After boarding the ferry at Kabatepe, you will get off at Kuzulimani. The distance between Kuzulimani and the city center of Gökçeada is 7 km. After getting off, you may take a dolmush or taxi parked at the corner to reach the city center.

If you are traveling by bus from the Anatolian side of Istanbul;

Take a bus to Canakkale and get off at the Canakkale pier, take the ferry to Eceabat leaving in about thirty minutes, then take the minibus to Kabatepe near your landing (Eceabat Harbor) to reach the ferry for Gokceada in about 15 minutes. It takes approximately 4-5 hours from Istanbul to Eceabat. You will pay 2.00 TRY per person for the ferry to Gokceada.
Furthermore, the ferry boat from Canakkale pier travels directly to Gokceada in Thursday and Friday evenings, you may learn more about it on site and reach the Island more easily. To learn about the trips:

How to get from abroad to Gökçeada

The distance between İstanbul and Gökçeada is approximately 350 km. You can reach Gökçeada from İstanbul by bus (Truva Turizm) which directly takes you to the island and runs two services (one in the morning and one at night) every day.

You can fly to İstanbul by any flight which lands in Atatürk Airport, and then go to the Esenler Bus Terminal by taking the M1A Atatürk Airport-Yenikapı Metro Line (please visit the website
Please see the airlines which land in Atatürk Airport from the following link:
You can also check the reduced rate tickets here:
After arriving İstanbul, you can take the M1A metro line to get from Atatürk Airport to the Esenler Bus Terminal. Esenler is the station where you should get off. Please follow the signs from the Esenler Station to the bus terminal. After reaching the Truva Turizm Office, you can buy your ticket and head toward to Gökçeada.
Truva Turizm’s website:
The morning service departs from Esenler at 11.00 a.m. while the night service departs at 01.30 a.m. If you get on the 01.30 bus, you will reach Gökçeada at 08.30 a.m.


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