Komik Günler

About the Group

“In Ankara, a feeble child who routinely witnesses domestic violence cries out to his mother and father ‘We’re going through funny days, aren’t we mommy?’ He surrenders his infant mind to his smile. Komik Günler is a laugh to the face of capitalism, which feeds on lies and labor and worships money yet generates malice. Komik Günler is a playful smile from behind a barricade. Komik Günler cautions “Take care of yourself, don’t worry about me.” Komik Günler is life, trouble, brotherhood, dirt, and rust. Komik Günler is always and forever for the streets!!!”

Grup Members

Cihan: Guitar & Vocal, Faruk : Percussion & Vocal, Tolga: Electro Guitar-Synth, Serhat: Bass Guitar, Derun: Drums, Sercan: Keyboard


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