Evrim Ateşler & Okeanos Greek Music Ensemble

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OKEANOS: the Greek Music Ensemble which performs the most popular record and radio music from the 1810-1922 Izmir and the 1922-1969 Port of Piraeus period accompanied by Rembetiko’s history-bearing zeybek and hasapikos alongside other dances with an upbeat style.

The group was formed in 2007. The soloist is Evrim Ateşler, and his stage partner of 15 years, Mert İşyar, plays the bouzouki. In the 4-person orchestra, the instruments used include the guitar, the bouzouki, the cura, the violin, and rhythm instruments.

During live performances, the group creates memorable moments for the audience with Zeibekiko-Hasapiko-Hasaposerviko and Turkish Zeybek performances. The group’s soloist Evrim Ateşler released 2 spectacular albums which reverberated throughout all of Europe and America; the albums, whose productions were completed in Athens, act as a cultural ambassador between Turkey and Greece. After completing a special archive titled “Afieromenos Sto Rembetiko/A Man Devoted to Rembetiko” consisting of Rembetiko songs in 2017, he started working on a second album titled “Mazi/Birlikte (The Past/Together)” in 2018, which he plans on releasing within the next 10 days and in which he recorded 8 special duets with 8 female Greek singers.


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