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Product Collection Procedure

You may collect the products you ordered online by purchasing tickets at from the product collection stands to be set up in the event area.

Product Collection Stands

In order to ensure the secure collection of products ordered online at, products may only be collected in exchange for a passport or I.D. at the product distribution stands located at central points designated by the event committee.

How will I collect my product package?

Do not sign the product collection form before receiving your product package from the event area. Before signing the form, please make sure your product is not damaged due to shipping/packaging. If your product has been damaged for any reason, before signing any documents regarding delivery, return your product to an event authority so they may file a report. Your will receive your new product before the event is over. The event organizers are not responsible for the damage or deficiency of products with damaged packaging that have been accepted.

What should I do if I notice the packaging is dented/torn/damaged after I complete the collection procedures?

The responsibility of event organizers is to securely distribute the products ordered online to the correct individual. If the product is damaged, you may visit the collection stand to file a report. After the report is submitted to the authorized individual, the product will either be exchanged during the event or a new product will be delivered via cargo after the event, depending on stock availability.

Package deformation is not an acceptable reason for return. In such cases, we are only responsible for delivering/sending a new product on the condition that the old product is not collected by the customer.

Uncollected Packages

All products ordered before the event will be shipped (domestically) cash on delivery should you fail/forget to collect them for various reasons, and/or wish not to carry them with you, by the event committee, who will contact you after the event is over. Shipments to Cyprus or abroad will be completed after the event committee contacts you and receives the shipment fee. In such cases, you will be notified of the shipment fee in advance.


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