“At a moment and mood in which our bond gains meaning, we openly release our inner feelings to the audience.”

Ayanbeyan was founded by Kenan Arat in Izmir in the year 2012 as an improv project. The group, which is composed of musicians who performed with different groups from time to time and eventually set out on a musical journey together, took its final form in 2015 with Mehmet Denizci on the trumpet, Anıl Acihan on the bass and guitar, İhsanErsen on the drums, and CandeğerDülgeroğlu on the keyboard. Having won second place in the 2016 Roxy Music Days, the group has performed on several stages in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir and continues to put on shows.

Group Members

Kenan Arat, Mehmet Denizci, Anıl Acihan, Can Değer Dülgeroğlu, İhsan Ersen


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